Discharge Papers

"I don’t think it will be long till I am discharged after arriving in America as all the paper work along that line that can be done over here is being gotten ready now. Today they had us sign up where we desired transportation to. I put mine in as Durango."

— Robert E. Schalles, July 2, 1919

Transcription (Text)

  • Honorable Discharge from the United States Army


    This is to certify that* Robert E. Schalles **5529 Private Ambulance Co. #1. The United State Army, as a testimonial of honest and faithful service, is hereby honorably discharged from the military service of the United States by reason of *^Circular 252 W.D. 1919.

    Said Robert E. Schalles was born in Cortez, in the state of Colorado. When enlisted he was 24 2/12 years of age and by occupation a farmer. He had blue eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy complexion, and was 5 feet 10 1/2 inches in height.

    Given under my hand at Fort D.A. Russell, Wyoming, this 24th day of August, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen.

    H.C.[?] Smith

    Major A.G.D.[?]

    Form No. 525 A.G.O.

    October 9-18.


    * Insert name, Christian name first: e.g., “John Doe.”

    ** Insert Army serial number, grade, company and regiment or arm of corps department; e.g., “1,620,302”; “Corporal, Company A, 1st Infantry”; “Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps”; “Sergeant, First Class, Medical Department.”

    *^ If discharged prior to expiration of service, give number, date, and source of order or full description of authority therefor.


    Name: Robert E. Schalles                  Grade: Private
    Enlisted, or Inducted, July 10, 1917, at Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Serving in First enlistment period at date of discharge.
    Prior service:* None.
    Noncommissioned officer: Never
    Marksmanship, gunner qualification or rating:** Not qualified
    Horsemanship: Not mounted
    Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions: Toulon-Troyon, March 15 – May 13; Aisne [Third Battle of the Aisne], May 31 – June 3; Château-Thierry, June 4 – July 14; Aisne-Marne July 18 – 22; Marbache, August 9 – 22; Saint Mihiel, September 12 – 16; Meuse-Argonne, October 2 – 3; A.O. [Army of Occupation] Germany, December 27 – July 17;
    Knowledge of any vocation: Farmer
    Wounds received in service: St. E. October 3, 1918 [in my grandfather’s letter, January 1, 1919, he says the date is October 4th, 1918] at Blanc Maret[? The dates coincide with the Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge, October 3 – 27, 1918]. Presented with Croix de Guerre, April 7, 1919.
    Physical condition when discharged: Good
    Typhoid prophylaxis completed: July 24, 1917
    Paratyphoid prophylaxis completed: September 5, 1917
    Married or single: Single
    Character: Excellent
    Remarks: Service: Honest and faithful. No A.W.O.L or absence under G.O. 31 W.D. 1912 and G.O. 45 W.D. 1914.
    Entitled to travel pay to: Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Signature of Soldier: Robert E. Schalles [signature]

    C.R. Farmer [signature]
    C.R. Farmer
    Commanding 1st Lieut. A.G.D.

    $60.00 BONUS, “Section 1406 of the Revenue Act of 1918, approved February 24, 1919.” PAID.
    FORT D.A. RUSSELL, WYO AUG 29, 1919
    PAID IN FULL $335.71

    Basil. G. Squier, Major O.M.C.[?]

    *Give company and regiment or corps department, with inclusive dates of service in each enlistment.
    **Give date of qualification or rating and number, date, and source of order announcing same.