April 2, 1919

Ambulance Company No. 1.
Army of Occupation

Engers Arn Rhein
April 2, 1919

Dear Father and Mother and All:

I received your letter of March 3rd a few days ago, and today one of September 30th written before you left California.

Things are about the same here. Joe Sailed for the states March 26th. He left here February 8th and was sent to France. He had a broken arch in one of his feet where a rock rolled on it when he was in Ouray many years ago. It never bothered him any until lately. I expect he will be home soon.

Well, it is hard telling when I will get to come home as it doesn’t look much more like it than it did four months ago. Everything seems to be so slow in regard to peace. Don’t expect to get back to the states before the middle of the summer or until after peace is signed. Then I suppose the drafted men will be discharged first. So I guess I didn’t gain much by volunteering. Did Carl get any bonus when he was discharged? And how long was he in France?

Say I expect you are reading a whole lot in the magazines about the war. In “Everybody’s Magazine” for March there is an article written by Major General Bundy describing in detail the 2nd Division’s great battle of Château Thierry and Belleau Woods. I would like to have you read it if you haven’t already as it is absolutely correct. General Bundy was then our Division Commander and was in a position to know everything in detail.

We have a little sunshine between showers now, and there is a peach tree in bloom on the south side of a building in our yard.

Say, ask Carl how he likes the French Mademoiselles?

Well, I can’t think of any more to write so will close with love to all, your son,

Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb Co. 2nd Div
American E F