August 18, 1918

August 18, 1918

Dear Sister & all.

Will answer your letter which I should have done sooner. We have been moving around quite a bit lately and while we are moving we can’t mail any letters, as our post office also moves with the rest of the division.

We were located in quite a good sized town for about a week, which was the best place we have stopped in since we have been in France. We have had it easy for several weeks with nothing to do but go in swimming, which we did several times a day as we were camped on the bank of a fine river.

We also caught a good many fish, but not with hook and line as that process is too slow. We would wade along and catch the fish in holes in the bank and under the willows that hung over in the water.

Where we are now we have to walk about a mile-and-a-half to get to the river. Well, I will tell you of my recent promotion. I am now a Private 1st class and get $3.60 more pay per month.

You asked if our incoming mail was censored. No it isn’t, if it was the censor would have some job.

I’ll bet you had some time at Long Beach the 4th. Would like to have been there. There was a big Parade of Americans in Paris on the 4th, but we were not included.

Will close for now with love to all,

Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb. Co.
A.P.O 710 American E. F.
via New York