February 8, 1919

Engers am Rhien
February 8, 1919

Dear Sister and All,

Your letter of October 8th just received today. While I was away at the Hospital I didn’t get any mail so this letter was following me all over France. It is quite cold here now, but does not snow much.

I had a letter from Papa. He said he was about to buy a ranch in the Animas Valley above Durango. I will sure be glad to get back on a farm again.

You say the button I sent Papa was an English button. Well the one I put in the envelope was a German button that I got off a German Aviator’s coat. It was kind of blue in color with a crown on it and was the kind that are used on German uniforms. English buttons are made of brass and shine. Someone must of substituted another button and swiped the one I put in.

This leaves Joe and I both well.

With love to all—your brother,

Robert E. Schalles, Pvt. M.D.
1st Amb Co. 2nd Div.
American E F.

[My grandfather’s sister was mistaken regarding the button. The button shown on page 235 is the button from the aviator’s uniform.]